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Pueblo of Sandia Tribal Gaming Commission Licensing Division

30 Rainbow Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

Telephone: (505) 796-7501               Fax: (505) 796-7515


Congratulations you have been selected for a position that requires a Gaming License from the Sandia Tribal Gaming Commission.  If you have any questions on the Gaming application process contact a Licensing Technician at (505) 796-7501.

Grounds for Unfavorable Eligibility Determination

The Commission Staff shall render an unfavorable eligibility determination for any grounds deemed reasonable by the Commission Staff, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) there is evidence of an untrue or misleading statement of material fact, or willful omission of any material fact, in any application, statement, or notice filed with the Commission or made in connection with any investigation, including the background investigation;

(2) the applicant has been convicted of or has entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) to any felony charge or any gambling-related crime in any jurisdiction;

(3) the applicant has been convicted of or has entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) to any misdemeanor charge involving theft or dishonesty in any jurisdiction, within the preceding ten (10) years of the date of the application for license;

(4) the applicant has offered something of value or, by some other means, has improperly sought to influence any Commissioner, Commission Staff, any Tribal official or gaming operation official in an effort to obtain favorable action on the license application;

(5) the applicant has promoted, played or participated in any gaming activity that the applicant knows or should have known was being operated in violation of applicable law;

(6) the applicant has been denied a license, or had a license revoked or not renewed by any gaming regulatory commission, except where the denial was based on a technical deficiency that was subsequently corrected by the applicant or for a reason not related to licensing that the Commission Staff determines is not material to its licensing requirements;

(7) the applicant has been known to associate with persons reliably believed by law enforcement agencies to be engaged in corrupt or criminal activities, or with persons identified by the NIGC or any other gaming regulatory commission as being disqualified from gaming activity;

(8) if for any reason the Commission Staff determines that licensing of the applicant could:  

(i) pose a threat to the public interest or to the effective regulation of gaming activity on Pueblo land,

(ii) create or enhance the dangers of unsuitable, unfair or illegal practices, methods or activities in the conduct of gaming activity,

 (iii) adversely affect the general credibility, security, honesty or fairness of tribal gaming, generally or relating to the Pueblo’s gaming operation,

(iv) result in adverse performance, misconduct or misbehavior by the applicant, or

(v) result in adverse publicity for the Pueblo and its gaming operation.

Failure to reveal material facts, or making any false statement(s) written or verbally may result in denial of your application for licensure by the Sandia Tribal Gaming Commission.

Required Documents

Please provide the following Original documents to your Licensing Tech on the day of your appointment. The Licensing Technician may request additional documents not listed.

o   Valid New Mexico Driver’s License or ID                                           

o   Social Security Card

o   Immigration Card or Naturalization Certificate (if applicable)

o   Birth Certificate

o   High School Diploma/GED/Higher Education Diploma (or official transcripts)

o   Tribal ID/Certificate of Indian Blood (if applicable)

o   Tribal Criminal History Report (if applicable)

o   DD-214 Military Separation papers (if applicable)

o   Last three years of tax returns (PMO Only)

o   Licensing Fee – Cashier’s Check or Money Order

o   Print the Certification and Release forms (bottom of this web page) both of which must be signed and notarized and brought with you to your interview.

Photo Copies will not be accepted


The licensing fee is one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for a Key Employee and three hundred dollars ($300) for a PMO.  Half of the fee is due at the time of your interview.  Payment must be made in the form of a Cashier Check or Money Order. The remaining balance will be deducted from your first paycheck.

Employees may elect to pay the licensing fee in full at the time of the interview.  



Once you have created your username and password, you can login and complete the gaming application.

Note: The gaming application must be completed on a desktop or laptop.  Applications completed on a smart phone or tablet will result in an incomplete application.

o   The gaming application must be completed in its entirety.

o   Application sections that do not apply to you should be marked N/A.

o   Save your work often

o   A false statement on any part of your application may be grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of your gaming license.

o   When the application is complete click on the “save” button then the “submit” button

 Contact a Licensing Technician at (505) 796-7501 to schedule your interview.  

If at any-time you decide not to proceed with the licensing process please contact us at (505) 796-7501 to withdraw your gaming application.